You can now flag pages as members only!

23 MAR 2015 0

We've added an improvement to our LifeWEB and LifeConnect software. While we've always offered our clients the ability to gate pages or content behind a members login, this was something we'd have to do on the back-end. We're happy to place that power in your hands today! You can now designate a page as members only in the editor yourself without having to send in a request.

The process is very easy. When creating a content page, sites with a membership system will see a new "Behaviour” dropdown option underneath the normal title and category fields. Selecting "Only Membership” will gate that page behind a login request (don't worry, members only have to enter their info once per session, they won't be constantly asked for their user name and password).
This function makes it incredibly easy to quickly add membership-gated content to your site. Want to toss up a special offer just for members? Easy. Want to issue a bulletin or quick update just for the people in your organization? No problem. 

As always, at Lifeline we're committed to making the most user-friendly and powerful content management system as possible! 
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