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The benefits have been multiplying through the entire process. The entire Donor engine team is remarkable to work with. The ability to create and customize and eliminate any barriers to succeed. Fast and professional communication always. They are looking out for their clients and constantly improving on every level.

- Climb for Cancer, Ontario

Ontario Dietitians in Public Health

Members are now able to renew online and this has made the renewal process so much easier and efficient. Member communication options and our renewal options have saved us so much time and our members find it easy to use.

- ODPH, Ontario

I truly appreciate working with the team at Donor Engine! They are all outstanding in their professionalism, customer service, and teamwork not only within their company but with the clientele as well. They respond to any email/request rather quickly and usually no longer than 24 hours. They are open to ideas and invite you to share them as they value the feedback of their clients. In fact, they have already implemented some of our ideas.

- Kolbe Shrine At Marytown, Illinois

Remember Me Catering

The end result was fantastic and now my business has the ability to serve a much greater area and has increased our revenue substantially. 

- Remember Me Catering, Ontario

The best thing about Donor Engine, for us, is the way that it can interface with other programs (i.e. our website, our gateway for processing credit cards, and websites like PayPal). All of this information is automatically updated in Donor Engine and has saved us, literally, countless hours in manual entry.

- C4i, Canada, United States

Once I started to think about it (LifeConnect) I did have trouble trying to decide what to highlight as there are so many components that we have found very useful.

- APHEO, Ontario

Picard's Peanuts

Lifeline Design is reliable, helpful and always quick to get back to us whenever we have questions.  

They make running our e-commerce store a breeze and we can't thank them enough for their excellent support!

- Picard's Peanuts, Ontario


James and Lifeline brought our e-commerce vision to life from scratch then tweaked it with unlimited revisions until we were completely satisfied and approved the design.

- CiderKeg, Ontario

Staelber Insurance

It was easy working with Lifeline during the development of our new website. 

We were extremely pleased with the result and we consistently receive compliments about it from our industry friends and clients!

- Staebler Insurance, Ontario

Mitten Building Products

Lifeline has been an integral part of our Marketing Department. They took the time to get to know the many facets of our business and provided solutions to meet our long list of needs.

- Mitten Building Products, Ontario

Lifeline's response time has been fantastic, even when we have last minute requests they are still able to complete the work rapidly for us! They have always covered everything we've needed for our website, and there have never been any surprises when it comes time to pay for it.

- Roulston's Pharmacy, Ontario

Ontario Potato Board

The design of our website turned out better than we could have hoped! 

The ease of updating and changing content in-house is truly what puts Lifeline above its competitors.

- Ontario Potato Board, Ontario

G.D. Vallee

Lifeline has helped us with all aspects of our on-line presence for the last three years. Their response time to any questions we have can't be beat! We're extremely happy with their service, and will be working with them for years to come!

- G.D. Vallee, Ontario

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With custom solutions developed to match your business goals.

How software development happens


The Lifeline difference

The LifeWEB Platform

All our projects are built on our infinitely flexible LifeWEB platform. This means we can build unique software solutions without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

This allows us to focus your budget on the features and functions that power your business while you receive the benefit of over a decade of foundational development work and hundreds of thousands of previously invested dollars.

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Don’t become the next security headline

Seems like every day you hear about another major data breach where reams and reams of customer information is stolen. The sad reality is, no one can make truly "un-hackable" software, just like how no one can build an un-crackable safe. But, your security can either range from a rusty padlock or fort Knox depending on your vendor. Which would you prefer?

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"We've had our business with Lifeline for over 8 years, I've always felt confident with the secure way they handle our customer data and we've never had a single security issue in all that time."

- Remembermeinc.com

Say goodbye to hidden costs

We all know how it goes. The software is quoted at costing $X annually, but throughout the year you find out many things aren't actually covered in that quote and will cost you extra. Now you have to figure out how to make that higher cost fit into your budget!

Not a worry with LifeWEB. All the essentials are included with LifeWEB, so you have a fixed cost that includes everything from bug fixes and software updates, to daily, weekly and monthly backups.

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"Lifeline's response time has been fantastic, even when we have last minute requests they are still able to complete the work rapidly for us! They have always covered everything we've needed for our website, and there have never been any surprises when it comes time to pay for it"

- Roulstons.com

Free features and updates

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Wow it'd really save me a lot of time if my software could do XYZ?" You probably just forgot about it because your current vendor either won't make custom updates, or it's too cost prohibitive to do so. We update LifeWEB on a weekly basis and many of our added features and improvements come directly from client feedback.

If you request a feature and it's something that could benefit many or all of our customers, we'll add it in for free!

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