No one likes to finish a project and then find out the bill is actually twice as much as the price you thought you were paying.

With Lifeline, you'll know exactly what your project is going to cost, we commit to a firm budget before starting work.

If something new comes up mid project, we'll let you know what it would cost and get your approval before doing any work beyond the original agreement.

"We have worked with Lifeline for almost a decade. They always give us the price before starting any work, and in all that time, work has never cost more than they said it would"



We've all seen those websites online, you know the ones that post requests clients have made on a design project, poking fun at the "clueless" client.

Ultimately, bad customer feedback is the designer's fault, it's our job to make sure you understand what we're doing and help you verbalize what you are thinking, and that's something we do very well.

We've had nearly two decades of practice and we will make the process easy and pain free.

"Lifeline has always been able to take help us bring our vision to life when it comes to design. We've never had any trouble coming up with exactly the right look with their help"



We can't promise we'll always agree with every design decision you make, you're hiring us for our expertise, not to be "yes men".

If we disagree with the direction of the project, we'll let you know and let you know why we feel the way we do, then the ball is in your court to decide what direction the design will take, after all, you are the boss.

"We asked Lifeline Design for ideas, gave them our must have and would like to have components and budget guidelines. They came back with a couple of options some of which we liked and others we did not. They worked with us and developed one which seemed to fit the bill. It is a partnership with give and take and we have been pleased with it!"


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