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The SEO Experts Nonprofits Need To Follow Heading Into 2020

18 OCT 2019 Nic Rowen (RA) 0

Can you believe we’re about to head into a new decade in just a few months? The digital marketing space has evolved at dizzying, lightning speed in the 2010s. In the past ten years, we have witnessed the rise of search engine optimization (SEO) as one of the most crucial skills every organization needs in order to connect with their desired audience.

Your nonprofit is no exception! Say your organization’s mission is to provide shelter and resources to the homeless individuals in your city. A prospective donor or volunteer types "help the homeless in Toronto” into the Google search bar, but your website is nowhere to be found. This is absolutely a missed opportunity — but you can learn how to fix it with the help of the SEO experts below.

Neil Patel: Blogger, Author, Podcaster, Founder of Crazy Egg


Patel is a prolific digital marketing savant that’s been recognized as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs by Barack Obama, Forbes, and the United Nations. He founded the website optimization company Crazy Egg as well as his own Neil Patel Digital, and created the popular, free SEO keyword analytics tool UberSuggest.

As an SEO consultant, he’s worked with major clients including Amazon, Google, eBay, NBC, and General Motors, and as a blogger he earns 2.3 million monthly web visitors. Insane!

However, Patel’s blog isn’t popular by accident. He freely shares much of his highly sought-after knowledge not only in SEO, but in content marketing, e-commerce, social media and email marketing as well. Recent SEO topics include:

- How to Rank High on Google Without Writing Content
- How to Do SEO for a Tiny Website with No Backlinks
- How to Rank Your Old Content for New Keywords
- The Ultimate SEO Checklist for New Websites

If you’d prefer to soak up new learning on-the-go, Patel co-hoststhe Marketing School podcast with Eric Siu (CEO at digital marketing agency Single Grain). The podcast is an absolute wealth of SEO and digital marketing knowledge, including how to build a high-conversion landing page, how often to update old content, and lessons on increasing your click-through rate.

You can also find Patel sharing SEO insights on pretty much every social media platform out there, including Twitter,Facebook, Instagramand LinkedIn. It’s essentially a free education, so don’t miss out!


Joost de Valk: Yoast Founder / Marieke van de Rakt: Yoast CEO


If you’re wondering why we paired these two together, it’s because they’re an absolute power couple in the SEO world! They’re not only married with 4 kids together — de Valk and van de Rakt are the Founder/CPO and CEO (respectively) of Yoast, the #1 SEO plug-in for WordPress that the blogging world swears by.

Further, de Valk serves as the Marketing & Communications Lead at WordPress.org, and van de Rakt founded Yoast Academy, an excellent collection of online training courses for teaching yourself SEO.

On de Valk’s personal blog and professional blog, he shares wisdom accumulated from his extensive history in the digital marketing industry, including:

- How to Craft Great Page Titles in SEO
- Where Your Branding Meets Your Keyword Strategy
- CMS Market Share: A Numbers Analysis
- WordPress SEO: The Definitive Guide

Similarly, van de Rakt’s blog shares insights on the following:

- How to Become a Better Writer
- Google’s Knowledge Panel: What Is It & How to Get One?
- Marketing Your Blog: 6 Tips to Grow Your Audience
- How to Start a Blog

You can also expect nuggets of SEO expertise by following the official Yoast Twitter feed on a regular basis.


Rand Fishkin: Author, Founder of Moz & SparkToro

Fishkin is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Moz(formerly SEOmoz), a software development company that offers digital marketing tools and resources to help entrepreneurs and organizations increase their traffic, rankings and visibility.

He also authored the book Lost And Founder: A Painfully Honest Guide To The Startup Worldand more recently founded SparkToro, an upcoming search engine software with the mission of more easily connecting online audiences with the content marketing most relevant to their needs.

While Fishkin shares his industry thoughts on his personal Twitter, you should also check out Fishkin’s blog that delves into increasingly relevant topics in today’s online atmosphere:

- Less Than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click
- Can You Still Blog Your Way to Visibility & Credibility?
- 10 Problems Plaguing Influencer Marketing
- How Google’s Organic & Paid CTRs Have Changed Since 2015

Though Fishkin no longer works directly with Moz, you will still want to keep an eye on Moz’s Twitter feed for access to SEO training opportunities, new industry data reports, and tons of valuable free resources.




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