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The Saturday Share - 09/24/16

24 SEP 2016 0

At Lifeline, we spend a lot of time online with our ear to the ground. Because of that, we tend to come across a lot of interesting things during the average week - design ideas, tech news, and whatever else catches our eye.
Well, why keep that all to ourselves? We've sorted through the pile of random internet debris and picked out what we think is worth sharing this week.

1. We wrote about looking at the past of graphic design to understand today. Sometimes less is more, and creativity comes from working with restraints. 
2. Well, try telling that to everyone who's excited Twitter is finally loosening their character limit. Yes, it's still a platform for 140 character messages, but now characters used in links, images, and gifs will no no longer count against that limit. Great news for anyone who has ever crafted the perfect joke, only to be thwarted by the dreaded "-1 Characters Remaining” warning.

3. Speaking of Twitter, Rolling Stone ranked the 25 Funniest People on Twitter this week. Going through this list is a great way to thoroughly lose an entire afternoon.

4. A Pokemon Go player was robbed in Central Park while incidentally live streaming the entire event to the internet. Frightening to watch. Make sure to be safe while you're on your way to becoming a Pokemon master!

5. Sadly, robbery is only the second scariest thing involving Pokemon this week. No, that terrible crown rests squarely on Garfemon's head, a Tumblr dedicated to re-imagining classic Pokemon as Garfield monsters. Why?

6. Scrolljacking is one of those things that can either be stylish, or completely insufferable. Know how to spot the difference.

7. Can't help but love this little cabin/library from Studio Pardon that has been making the rounds. Seems like the perfect way to wait out the winter. Look at how the bookshelves are made by gaps in the very logs that make up the house, clever!

8. Several classic fast food restaurants like Taco Bell, KFC, and Arby's are in the process of furiously re-branding and remodeling their dining rooms to fit in with modern tastes and trends. I'm sure there is a lot to learn here about staying flexible and how to keep aging brands fresh, but I can't think about Arby's without instantly remembering one of my favourite Simpson's moments 
9. Feel like you spend all day answering emails but not getting much done? 99u has some tips to help you break out of the inbox and get some real work done.

10. Tragically, this is a true story. Basically the "Baby shoes, never worn” of our generation. 

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