The most useful Chrome browser extensions I use

7 APR 2016 0

Coming as no surprise to anyway, I spent a lot of time in front of my computer. I do all my work on my computer, I keep up with friends and family through social media, and a good amount of my recreation happens in front of a glowing screen as well. In this day and age, I doubt my situation is particularly unique; we all spent a ton of time on the internet!
So, if you're going to spend a good part of your day with a browser open, you might as well make it as pleasant and enjoyable experience as possible. With a select few Chrome extensions (I wouldn't recommend loading up with too many), you can improve your browsing experience and maybe even make your job a little easier.


Of course AdBlock is at the top of the list. Who likes ads? Nobody. So get rid of them.
This extension has single handily changed the face of the internet, freeing users from intrusive, annoying ads, while upsetting the delicate ad-driven economics of many sites. While there is definitely a conversation to be had about what an ad-less internet means in the long run (without ads, what is going to fund all those sites you like to visit? They can't all survive on T-shirt sales and a PayPal tip jar), that hardly matters to users who can't read an article or watch a video without closing 20 different obnoxious pop-ups. 


Momentum is a pleasant little extension designed to increase your productivity in a low-key, relaxing way. Momentum turns the boring, sterile new tab page into a personalized dashboard. With serene imagery, your personalized "to-do" list for the day, and the current time, it's a good way of keeping yourself on task and organized throughout the day.
Also, the randomized inspirational quotes are always welcome. Your mileage may vary on that sort of thing, but I don't mind a little piece of Zen in my work day.

Strict Workflow

If Momentum is the good cop, offering you coffee and a sympathetic ear throughout the day, Strict Workflow is the bad cop who slams his fists on the desk and gets you back on task. 
Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, too fun. If you're not disciplined, it can be easy to fritter away a good chunk of the workday "just checking" a status post here or a quick three minute video there. Strict Workflow puts a timer on these sites and automatically blocks them after a set amount of slacking off, only releasing them after an extended period of concentration. 
Not everybody needs an extension like this, but if your workday seems to be shrinking while your Words With Friends score reaches spectacular new heights, it might be time to call in some muscle.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is simply awesome. This tiny little browser extension is one of the handiest things on my computer. Awesome Screenshot allows you to capture an image of your browser, either the entire page or an easily selectable chunk, and take a quick screenshot on the fly, skipping the awkward dance of opening of Photoshop, pasting the image, and saving it. 
Awesome Screenshot has a number of handy features, including a timer (nice if your trying to demonstrate a bug that only appears when the cursor is over it), and easy simple editing tools like cropping or drawing lines and circles on the image. It's quick, clean, and endlessly useful both in my work, and when I'm just goofing off on my own time. Highly recommended.


If you're anything like me, chances are you have a stack of tabs open at the top of your browser at all times. Different pages I need open for work, articles I meant to read a week ago and don't quite want to admit that I'm never going to, different email systems, the works. It's chaos. Just glancing up there is enough to give me a headache.
Thankfully, there are plenty of extensions designed to wrangle those excess tabs and reorganize your browser. TooManyTabs is honestly just one example of several similar extensions, but with a particularly clean and easy to use interface that makes it my preferred option. Too Many Tabs collects all those stray tabs into easily retrievable groups so they're still there when you need them, but not cluttering up the page at all times.

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