Saved credit card data for automated membership renewals

4 JAN 2017 Lifeline Design 0

As an additional option to make the renewal process easier for the members or our association clients, members can now choose to store their credit card information on the site for automatic renewal. 
This presents as a new option on the membership payment form as a checkbox underneath the payment information where members can opt to save their card details. Should the card expire or they want to change cards, they can manage their settings under the "My Account” and "Payment History” pages. Users who opt-in to this system will no longer be sent the normal alerts about upcoming expiry or renewal dates, instead, they'll be notified about the upcoming charge an optional number of days before it is applied (admins can set the number of days to their liking). If the card is declined, the membership automation reverts to the standard model, sending out emails and status alerts urging the member to renew manually.
This change is designed to make things easier for your members and improve retention rates across all of our membership clients! 

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