Preview for broadcast messages

1 AUG 2017 0

There are few things more embarrassing than sending out a mass-email communication to your membership that turns out to have an error or mistake in it. That's why we've built in a new preview and draft system for broadcast emails. 
Before sending a broadcast, you can now press "Previewā€¯ to see an in-browser reflection of how it will look in the email, very similar to what you can do with normal pages in the editor. This will allow you to fine-tune the placement of any images, text, or other details and make sure your broadcast is perfect before sending it out.
You can also now save messages in a draft form. These are messages that are not sent out, but kept in the editor ready to go when you need them. Handy if you draw up a message and want to run it by someone else before sending it.
This functionality does not need to be specially enabled or activated, you should see it next time you go to compose a message!

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