Photo editor upgrade!

12 MAR 2015 0

The software behind out built-in photo editor has seen some recent improvements and we've upgraded to continue to bring you the best user experience possible.
If you haven't played around with it, our photo editor is extremely flexible. You can use it to make a variety of adjustments on any image you place on the page quickly and easily. 

For example, if an image is too big or too small, you can easily resize it within the editor to make it fit. Our software will automatically maintain the ratio of the image so it remains consistent while resizing. All you need to do is change the size of one dimension and insert the image, the editor will do the math. If for any reason you don't want the ratio to automatically adjust, the feature can be disabled by un-checking the "Maintain Ratio" box. We recommend only making small changes in the editor itself to prevent the image from looking overly stretched or compressed.
If you have a large photo you want users to be able to access, but don't want to take up the whole page, you can easily link to a larger version of the picture in either a new window or stylish light box. In the example below, I've taken a large 1200x750 image and resized it so it will only take up 620x388 pixels on the page. However, clicking on it will pop-up a lightbox with the full-sized image. Give it a try!
Using the "Style” tab, you can adjust how the image will be displayed on screen. There are options to add a small white boarder or drop shadow around the image to make it stand out, to round the corners of an image for a sleeker look, and to even give the image a porthole view. 
You can make even more changes using the "Edit Image” tab! These simple tools can be used for a number of things, from removing red-eye or whitening teeth on an image to changing the soft-focus, colour balance, or orientation of the image!
You can also apply different filters to make your images pop. You can draw out or mute colours as desired, add different boarders, make it sepia tone for an old fashioned look, or black and white. All of this is can be done quickly and easily inside the editor!

For example, I've mirrored the image below, applied a filter to give it a dramatic look, and added a soft focus to draw the eye towards the center of the image. I didn't have to take a course in Photoshop to get those results, I just flicked a couple of options in the image editor!
We're always working on new ways to empower our clients and put you in control. Our flexible and powerful photo editor is just one way for us to make your day easier!
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