Perfecting your Call to Action buttons for maximum conversions

10 MAY 2017 0

According to a study by Adroll, messages containing a call to action (CTA) button convert a whopping 2.5 times better than pages that rely on text alone. And that's just the start of what you can accomplish.

You wouldn't think it, but there is a ton of potential power to unlock with the simple addition of a CTA button. While you might think the main text of a page does all the heavy lifting, you can't underestimate the power of making a direct appeal to your customer. Knowing what to ask and how to position that next step can make the crucial difference that turns a visitor into a customer

Every piece of information you share should include  a path forward down the conversion path. Every blog, every product description, every gallery should offer the opportunity for the visitor to dig in deeper, to become more invested in what you're offering. This doesn't necessarily always translate to a buy-now button. Copy that speaks to your visitors emotions and motivations for visiting in the first place, that entices them to identify with your business or read more of what you have to share, can be more effective that outright pitches depending on the situation. 

The purpose of a CTA is to create clicks. With that in mind, you need to keep a few guidelines in mind to make sure we're creating CTAs that are as attractive and effective as possible.

The Basics

A good CTA should always catch the eye and trigger an emotional response. This isn't the time for playing it cool or keeping your distance, a good CTA is personal and provocative. Use phrases and words that inspire action and communicate urgency. 

Make sure your CTA is consistent with the design of your site. Yes, you absolutely want the CTA to pop-off the page. No, you don't want to accomplish this by making it lime green with blinking orange highlights. You want to make a direct appeal to your customer here, not turn into a carnival sideshow.

There are many different kinds of "buttons.” Your CTA doesn't have to be a square box with two yes or no options to click. You can inset a CTA in your copy, you can add it to a sidebar, place it under an image, or have it pop-up. Figure out what makes the most sense for your product and website, don't feel beholden to doing it one way or another just because that's what you've seen elsewhere.

Finding the Right Angle

It's not just what you ask, it's how you ask it. Pay close attention to the language you're using with your CTAs and make sure it is pushing the right buttons to maximize your conversion chances!

Again, you may not always be pushing for a direct sale with a CTA. "Buy now!” might be right for a make or break moment, but often you'll want to use a little more finesse. Lead generation and cultivation can be just as valuable in the long-run. 

Phrases that pique interest or indicate there is more to discover can be great when trying to collect emails for lead generation or lead a customer further down your marketing funnel. "Read more,” "Discover...,” "See the difference...” and other terms lend themselves to a sense of curiosity and exploration.

Other phrases can concentrate on potential benefits. Starting with terms like "Recieve,” "get,” and "gain” can all help emphasize what the visitor stands to gain from the transaction, not just what they're going to pay.

Don't be afraid to be funny. Depending on your product or service, a little levity can be just what you need to break through to a customer. Remember, it's all about triggering an emotional response. 

Testing and Tweaking

Don't settle with one CTA and hope you get it right, test a few! Some simple A/B testing done over a period of time will help you pinpoint exactly what your customers respond to the most. Try creating two different CTAs, run them for a month or two, and compare the results. Once you know what works best between those two, make another CTA that further refines the idea. 

Try different phrases, different placements, and visual styles. Optimizing your CTA can be one of the single greatest ROIs of your site. A little work and testing can result in a HUGE difference in your conversion rate. 

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