New discount options and logic for finding best price

14 JUN 2017 0

Just a quick update to our LifeCart sales and discounts tools. We've updated the internal logic to better match the intention of a discount and deal with complicated scenarios when more than one discount could apply to a product. 

For example, let's say you have a BOGO sale on a particular item, but, you also have customer based discounts such as a flat X percent off for preferred customers. When a customer with a standing discount on their account buys a BOGO item, the system will now default to the greatest discount, without applying both. It will always find the best deal for a customer, while avoiding situations where multiple discounts could stack in an unintended way. 

These fixes mostly apply to edge-case scenarios, but at Lifeline, we always want to be one step ahead of any potential problems. Ongoing refinements and updates such as these are just our way of keeping our client's interests in mind and solving issues for them before they even occur.

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