New Admin panel

13 DEC 2016 0

LifeWEB's new admin panel allows you to more intuitively edit your website. When you log into to the admin side of your website, you'll now see a small toolbar at the bottom of the page as your browse your site with a variety of options to choose from. 

The "Open Editor in New Window” button will directly open the editor for the specific page you're on, without the need to log in to the dashboard and find the page manually. You can also use the "Show Editables” button to highlight individual page elements that can be edited. This is great when you want to adjust things like the footer and header, or a unique element on your site that you're not sure how to find in the dashboard.  
The Admin Panel is designed to put more control at your fingertips and make editing your website easier than ever. Give it and try next time you want to make a quick change!

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