Manual and special membership payment options for admins

6 MAR 2017 0

When running a membership association, there are occasions when you need to comp a particular member their dues for the term, or into the indefinite future. Often, these odd edge-cases pose a significant headache for conventional billing systems that are not capable of making exceptions. Today, we're proud to introduce out new "Special Payment” options for membership admins to make these exceptions a breeze.

Just go to the Payments tab on the LifeConnect dashboard, the Special Payment button will be at the top right of the screen next to the normal payment button. When selected, a pop-up allowing you to choose which member you want to pay for, how much, and set an expiry date without limitation. This payment will take effect immediately after confirming your choices.

At Lifeline, it's our job to make your job easier. We are committed to continually improving the quality of our services and supporting our products with ongoing improvements like this. If you have any questions or a suggestion for an improvement, please let us know at support@lifelinedesign.ca.

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