LifeWEB's new help and tutorial system!

1 AUG 2017 0

Today we are very proud to introduce out new help and tutorial system for the LifeWEB CMS. Now, whenever you have a question about what a specific function in the editor does, or want to know a little bit more about a particular process, all you need to do is click on the "Help” button at the bottom of every page. 
Once pressed, you'll notice blue highlights over almost every button and feature in the LifeWEB CMS. Click on one, and a video explaining its exact usage and function will seamlessly pop-up to tell you all about it!

Give it a try right now! The pop-up implementation is designed to be unobtrusive and lightweight. You can use it any time without worrying about it taking you off of the current page, messing with whatever you're editing, or taking a long time. We've included everything from tutorials explaining module functions, to an in-depth look at our page editor, so we're sure it can help you when you have a question. We hope you'll find our tutorials comprehensive and useful as you enjoy your LifeWEB products!

See a function we missed? Would like a little more clarity about a particular process? Let us know at support@lifelinedesign.ca!

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