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Lifeline in LHC Magazine

28 SEP 2009 0

Our own David Saraiva (that's me!) was quoted in the August 09 issue of Landscape & Hardscape Construction Magazine. The article discussed the importance of an online portfolio for landscaping companies:

Experts agree that the biggest portfolio mistake is having your portfolio quickly slapped together in an unprofessional manner because it is "just online." The real selling, you may think, will happen face to face. However that can cost you business, says David Saraiva, project manager for Lifeline Design (www.LifelineDesign.ca), a web design and software solutions company in Southern Ontario, Can.

"Your online portfolio is essentially a virtual showroom of your business," says Saraiva. "You wouldn't invite potential customers to come visit a brick and mortar showroom that was in disarray, but that is essentially what you are doing when your online portfolio is not up to par," he says.

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