Improved support for AODA compliance on websites

25 AUG 2017 0

AODA compliance is extremely important for any Canadian nonprofit, corporation, or public website. The law is designed to remove barriers for people with disabilities so they can experience the full benefit of the internet and complete access to all of a site's content and features.

Knowing how important this is, we've improved LifeWEB's back-end tools to make it easier than ever to reach AODA compliance. Our AODA module allows you to easily create a scannable, text-based version of your website that is optimized for accessibility tools and easy navigation. The module allows you to quickly identify and edit the alt-tags and descriptions for all images on a page so visually impaired visitors can understand the full context and message of each page, just like someone with vision would be able to.

Everyone deserves to enjoy the internet equally. By properly ensuring that your site is AODA compliant, you'll be doing your part to make the internet and accessible and equitable place. If you have any questions about AODA compliance or how to use the AODA module, reach out to us at support@lifelinedesign.ca, and we'll be happy to help.

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