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How to build a landing page that works

8 MAR 2017 0

A landing page is where you meet your customer, it's where you start the relationship. Landing pages are often the very first place new visitors will enter your site, so it's essential that you make a great first impression.

However, that's easier said than done. Great landing pages don't just happen by accident. If you want to turn visitors into conversions, you'll want to pay attention to the following tips and make sure you're landing page is up to the challenge. 

#1 Keep it clean

A good landing page should be a focused one. People often come to landing pages by way of search results. They are looking for a particular product or service, you're name came up on the search result, and they clicked on it. They want to see a page that is relevant to the question they asked, not some long spiel introducing your business or a big list of everything else you can do for them.

Keep your landing pages focused on the keywords relevant to that page. Use short headlines, brief text, and images that directly to relate to what they came for. 

Make sure you include a specific and direct call-to-action on the page. Whether you have a subscription form, a newsletter, a request for an appointment, or a "buy now” button, put it front and center. Spend extra time making sure this page and form are attractive and welcoming to put your best foot forward.

#2 Brevity is the soul of wit and great landing pages

Try to keep the copy on your landing pages as direct and concise as possible. Short, bold headlines. Easy to fill out forms with as few fields or questions as you need. Images and icons that communicate a large amount of information efficiently are preferable to extra descriptions.

Again, think of your landing page as an answer to a question. When you go up to a sales associate in a department store and ask where you can find the facets, do you want the sales associate to launch into an epic retelling of when the department store was first established, or just point you in the right direction?

#3 Show your work

Landing pages are about first impressions, and first impressions always go better with a flattering introduction. A landing page is the perfect opportunity to showcase positive testimonials, media coverage, awards, or prestigious recommendations. 

The faster you can establish yourself as a respected and trustworthy name in your field, the better. This can also mean links to a portfolio, social media shares, or product reviews. When people land on your site, they should know your best qualities within seconds.

#4 Be ready for mobile

Every website should be mobile friendly these days, but if there is one area where you definitely want to make sure your site is cell phone accessible, it's on your landing pages. 

Again, thinking of a landing page as a response to a question, think about how people ask questions these days. Do they sit at home, ponder over the complexities of the universe, and then walk over to their desktop to find out the answers? Or, do they have questions that pop up while on the go, while browsing a store, while in a meeting at work, or during a conversation with a friend? 

Questions are spontaneous, and the device most people have closest to them will more likely be a mobile phone than a desktop PC. When a question about your industry pops into someone's head and they reach for their phone, you want to be search you'll be there to answer it.

A landing page is where it all begins

As I said earlier, a landing page is an introduction. It's important that it is focused, clear, and flattering if you don't want visitors bouncing off your site like ping-pong balls. Once you have their attention, you can start a deeper conversation with your visitors and convert them into customers, but you need to win that focus first. 

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