Attach PDF or other resources to a gallery image

23 JAN 2017 Lifeline Design 0

Gallery images are a great way to display your products to potential customers, but sometimes you want to be able to tell them more. That's why we've improved our gallery system to allow you to attach PDF and other files to individual gallery images!

When a file is attached to a gallery image, a small icon will appear in the bottom left corner of the image indicating that there is another file that can be downloaded. A good example of how this might be useful is attaching a flyer, price list, or spec sheet to a gallery image of a product in action. That way interested visitors don't need to track down any additional resources if they like what they see, they can download everything they need right there!
We've added this an an optional feature for the gallery module. If you would like to enable this option on your website, please contact us at support@lifelinedesign.ca and we would be happy to oblige.

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