Tired of trying to keep all your association's members, financials and other information up to date and current in an excel document that several key staff need to access regularly?

Have you had enough of chasing members who haven't taken the time to renew yet, six months after the renewal due date?

"Lifeline Design's software has made it so extremely easy for me (us) to create, take down or change anything on our osnpph website! I can change the look of our website by making my own webpage drop downs or move them around or delete them. I can also upload files, create workgroup work pages for members and send group email messages. Members are also now able to renew online and this has made the renewal process so much easier and efficient for both members and our executive. Both the website options (including our forum/email) and our renewal options have saved us so much time and our members find it easy to use. "


Member Engine, our complete association management suite does all the heavy lifting for you, everything from collecting payments and issuing invoices to email broadcasts to your members. We'll help you make tedious and time consuming tasks a distant memory, so you can focus on what matters. Growing your association and providing value to your membership.

"We have found the Workgroups component of the website an invaluable tool for APHEO's many working groups and committees to manage members and share, edit and publish minutes and other documents. In addition, the private forums enable these groups to communicate effectively on an ongoing basis.

Once I started to think about it I did have trouble trying to decide what to highlight as there are so many components that we have found very useful."


Check out the short video below to see how much time LifeConnect can save your association:

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